I am happy you found a way into my world. 
Every single artwork is created out of the intention to capture the core of a certain feeling or observation. To get as close as possible to the purest form of something, so that nothing else could be substracted from it anymore. A professor of mine once asked me: „How much can you take away from a chair, so that you can still recognise it as a chair?“ One leg? For sure. Two? Still, sure. Three? I guess. The back of the chair? Probably not. So somewhere between the substraction of the third leg and the back lies the point I want to reach. But of course this system varies from idea to idea.
I come from an artistic family, as my mother has been a painter and a graphic designer and my father is a writer. That is why I don‘t only find joy in expressing ideas through drawing,but also through writing here and there.What I draw is for one hundred percent who I truly am. If you looked closer, you could actually decode my whole personality, but luckily for me no one did that so far.
I hope you found something here that you liked, or that disgusted you. Something that made you smile or something that made you sad. As long as any kind of feeling was involved I am happy. If you want to contact me you can do so via this website. Any kind of feedback is welcome, so just let your thoughts roam freely. 
Be kind & have a beautiful day,
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